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Zeppelin. The Beauty Of Sound.

This is the 4th generation of the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin and it’s much better than ever before. In this post I will tell you more about the new Zeppelin and how it performs.

Design and Build Quality

There is no question the Design of the new Zeppelin is totally distinctive and it’s build to very high standards. There are two color options: the Midnight Gray (shown in this post) and the Pearl Gray. Both have same coloured aluminium stand that tilts the speaker up to better fill your space with the sound. The speaker has a cool small light under the  zeppelin which you can turn on to give it a glow. Just behind where the grille meets the cabinet there are buttons for the typical functions like changing volume or skipping tracks on a playlist without having to pick up your smartphone.


For the speaker components in the new Zeppelin, B&W basically took very similar drivers from their home speakers. For the base there is a 150mm driver that acts as a subwoofer, it sits right in the middle of the cabinet. For the high range there are 2x 25mm double dome tweeters and 2x 90mm FST midrange speakers for the mids. You are getting expensive, high performance speakers there, so it’s really no wonder it does sound so good!


I am using my Zeppelin preferably with TIDAL and it’s Master Subscription, which allows me to get the most out of the Speaker. The B&W calls the new Zeppelin the Beauty of Sound and I have to totally agree. It just sounds incredible for its price. The Zeppelin to my ears has a very natural presentation with no fake boost to the bass or treble. It is just very pure to the music. And it can get very, very loud and fill a big space with sound and it wouldn’t fall apart and maintain a pure character.

B&W Musik App

The B&W Musik App is beautifully designed and it allows to use many different music services at one place. So if you have multiple music services, the B&W Musik App will now combine your playlist and favourite albums into one view.


The new Zeppelin looks like a piece of art in most rooms and it sounds phenomenal. This is truly the Beauty of Sound.

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