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Artifox’s Table – Multifunctional piece for your home

“The main inspiration behind creating Table was to create a multifunctional piece to help people as work and home lives were beginning to merge. This has actually been Artifox’s mission all along as a way to declutter and simplify how many pieces of furniture you actually need.” – ARTIFOX

The Artifox’s Table is made from solid hardwood, aluminum, and steel to last a lifetime. It has got cable management beneath the surface, symmetrical design for use in any orientation. But the most beautiful thing about it in my opinion is that it’s designed to functions as both a personal workspace and communal gathering table.

I personally love the idea of having just one furniture piece, which can be used as a home office desk when needed or as a gathering table, instead of having several desk setups (in my case one for me, another one for my fiancé) and a dining table.

“While it is compatible with modern technology we were very careful not to accommodate tech needs too specifically. It was designed to be a timeless piece that will live on as technology evolves without dating itself. It is 100 percent solid wood and the grain on a Table this large is an exceptional sight to behold.” – ARTIFOX

The dimensions of the Table are L 70″ x W 36″ x H 28.75” (it is 60% larger than their Desk 02) which allow for multiple monitors, speakers, or more space to sketch. So if you were in a search of a larger, multifunctional surface that is made from quality materials, there you go.

The Table designed with your tech in mind, access cables, and chargers from beneath the surface by easily removing the acrylic Tabs. Below are two cable grids for attaching power as well as hidden magnets and leather bands to keep cords tidy. 

What do you think about the Table? Would you use one? Please let me know in the comments under this Instagram post.

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