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Kronaby – Connected. Not Distracted.

I got my first Kronaby watch in August 2017 and I still love and use it. It’s the beautifully minimal Kronaby Nord 38 mm with a white dial and a brown leather strap. I do like not only the design and functionality of my Kronaby, but also the brand philosophy. “Connected. Not Distracted.” is the Kronaby’s latest campaign that encourages people to focus on what’s important in their life.

In what follows I want to tell you how I use my Kronaby and how it helps me to live a happier life and focus on what matters. But first a couple of words about the design of the new Kronaby Nord 41 mm, that I have been wearing in the last few weeks and took with me on a vocation to València. It has a 316L stainless steel body, sapphire crystal, and a black leather strap. The face looks clean with white numbers set against a deep black background.

If you will take a closer look you’ll find beautiful details. My personal favorite is the Kronaby logo imprinted on the crown. Overall, it’s a great looking, incredibly well-made timepiece. The leather strap is pretty stiff when the watch arrives, but after a few days wearing it, it has shaped itself to my wrist.

Although the watch looks nothing like a smartwatch, the crown and the other two buttons can be actually used to turn on a variety of different features. The Kronaby App is beautifully designed and simple to use. Here you can assign preferred functions to the buttons of the watch.

I like to use the crown to show me my step count for the day. This way I can see how close I am to my 10,000 step target. Since I walked much in Valencia I could easily reach my step target every day. In fact, I could often reach more than a half of my step target at around 1 p.m. already (see the photos below).

The side buttons can be configured to act for example as a music player control, a camera shutter remote, or a find my phone alert. My favorite is the option to add a place marker to the maps app. This comes in handy when parking, as it makes it easy to find my car again or when I just want to save a beautiful location in a city to return there back another day again. It stores the address of a location in the app, and the link will open it in the maps app.

Kronaby watches use vibration to inform you of activity on your phone and it’s easy to add notifications for example for SMS messages, emails, and calls. When exploring a new city I want to dive into it and I don’t want to keep my phone in my hands all the time being afraid to miss something important. In the Kronaby app I can define which apps and contacts are really important for me and be notified of them respectively, everything else is filtered through the app. This way I stay connected, not distracted.

Check out the video with Kronaby x Matias Varela. Connected. Not distracted. Link here.

Check out the Kronaby watches here.

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