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Perfect Desk – Walnut and Leather One

Welcome to the first Desk Setup in the Perfect Desk Series! With this series of posts, I hope to give you some inspiration for your very own desk setup. I will put together and showcase some themed desk setups so that you can find some useful and interesting products there or even build something similar in your space.

I love natural materials like leather, dark wood and I am trying to surround my self with well made and beautifully designed items where ever I can. And so this desk setup has arisen as the result of this love and I am proud to show you today the Perfect Desk: Walnut and Leather One.

The palette of colors used here is simple, yet beautiful: walnut, black leather, and Apple’s space gray. The main part of each desk setup is of course the desk itself and in this case the Tymber Nordyc Desk from MYCS with the walnut desktop and solid wood legs in the walnut color. There is not much to say about it – it is simple, elegant, and pretty stable. I wish the legs would be made of a real walnut though.

Even though the desk is the main part of each desk setup, the first product you probably see on the main picture of my desk setup is the chair. The reason for this is definitely its beautiful design. I personally think that it’s one of the few home office chairs that actually look good! It‘s made by Interstuhl from carefully chosen materials and is available in different color options. I went for the All Black Fashion Edition version of this chair for my desk setup. A real highlight of it is the perforated leather on the back and the overall build quality – it’s a premium home office chair.

The Walnut Desk Shelf with Tray, Keyboard Tray, Mouse Pad, Keyboard Wrist Pad, Leather Desk Pad, and Walnut Headphones Stand are from Grovemade. The guys from Portland, US create one of the best desk accessories money can buy. I appreciate the attention to detail on all of these products. For instance, the Magic Keyboard fits perfectly into the Keyboard Tray. Products from Grovemade wear the “Made the hard way” logo on their flip sides and they wear it deservedly.

The High-end Bluetooth Headphones you are looking at is from Beyerdynamic – they are Amiron Wireless Copper. These Headphones are made in Germany and are a true piece of German craftsmanship and design. They feature decorative rings made of solid copper, sound personalization, and legendary Beyerdynamic Sound. I think they match perfectly with the desk setup thanks to the premium materials they are made of and the beautiful design.

It’s nice to be able to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in one place and with style. I use the Native Union Drop XL Charger for a couple of months now and I have to say that it’s the best charging solution I had so far. As you would expect from Native Union, it’s very well built and it also looks minimal and clean. I think this charging station will look great in every interior.

Although it does not directly relate to the desk setup, its definitely something I use every day and since it matches the desk setup well, I want to feature it as a part of the desk setup as well – my backpack. It’s Classy Leather and Nylon Backpack from ISM. I love its design! This particular backpack proves that a tech backpack can look great. It has a laptop compartment and enough space for your other stuff as well. This backpack fits all occasions and almost every outfit perfectly. Love it!

Since this desk hasn’t been designed as a tech desk by any means (it’s rather a dining table) – it doesn’t have any cable management features at all. But this did not stop me to use it for my desk setup – I‘ve added cable management features on my own. To keep cables clean and tidy, I’ve used Command Picture Mounting Strips to mount the power strip and cables to the bottom of the desk. Velcro Roll was used to holding cables together and to attach them to the Command Picture Mounting Strips, while these are attached to the table itself and so are holding the entire construction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and photography! If you have any questions, just write a comment under one of my desk setup photos on my Instagram account – this is the easiest way for me to answer your questions. The next Perfect Desk is already in the making and it’s called „Most Ergonomic One“. Thanks for reading!

Products featured in this post:

  1. Tymber Nordyc Desk from MYCS
  2. LG UltraFine 4k 24″ Display
  3. Interstuhl All Black Fashion Edition Chair
  4. Grovemade products
  5. Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper
  6. Native Union Drop XL Charger
  7. ISM Classy Leather and Nylon Backpack
  8. Command Picture Mounting Strips
  9. Velcro Roll

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