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Grovemade Desk Collection

Grovemade is a company based in Portland, Oregon that has been making beautiful wood products since 2009. Grovemade prides themselves on doing things “the hard way” and their hard work has resulted in some exceptional products. Mixing recyclable materials like wood, cork and leather, they create beautiful pieces that complement your devices perfectly.

We’ve been a big fans of Grovemade for a while now and we’ve finally got our hands on some of their products! These include a Monitor Stand, Keyboard Tray, Wrist Pad, Mouse Pad and a MacBook Dock. The Grovemade Desk Collection is available in either Walnut, or Maple. All of the items we received came in Walnut and they all look amazing.

All the pieces look contemporary and understated managing to blend well in any modern space. Up first is the Monitor Stand. The Grovemade Monitor stand has smooth curved design. It allows for plenty of room for storing items underneath the stand too. The American Black Walnut wood is accompanied by natural cork feet, giving the stand a strong base. The Monitor Stand raises your monitor to a comfortable level, keeping it closer to eye-level for most people.

Grovemade’s Keyboard Tray is one of the desk accessories that complements the Monitor Stand. The keyboard is angled slightly and the surrounding wood with metal trim contrast nicely with Apple’s aluminium construction.

Complementing it is the Keyboard Wrist Pad that features the same walnut with premium vegetable tanned leather and natural rubber for a softer feel and aluminium reinforcement covered by a natural cork base.

Taking a closer look reveals the attention to detail on all these products. The edges are clean and precise. See how the Keyboard perfectly fits into the Keyboard Tray! Simply amazing.

The leather Mouse Pad is large enough to accommodate any mouse and you can rest assure you won’t be running out of movement space on it. Including a pen holder to the side of it is a great idea as you can keep your favorite pen close by.

The iPhone 7 Plus fits great in every photo and it is an essential part of this setup, so it should not be forgotten.

The MacBook Dock comprises two pieces of walnut wood held together with an aluminium plate, plus two rests inside made from a mix of wool and resin to avoid scratches. The desk is similarly protected by cork matting in the underside.

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and Grovemade embodies this reality in every product they craft. We loved the Grovemade Walnut Desk Collection and recommend it to all the designers, creatives and makers out there that love to have beautiful pieces that complement their devices. If you would like to see the rest of the collection and learn more about Grovemade head over to their website.

Grovemade wooden desk accessories featured in this review:

  1. Walnut monitor stand
  2. Walnut Keyboard tray
  3. Leather & Walnut Keyboard wrist pad
  4. Leather & Walnut mouse pad
  5. Walnut MacBook Dock

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